10 Parents Life-hacks That You’ll Regret Not Knowing Before

Being a parent is a difficult full-time job, but it’s also the most rewarding one. You need to pay attention to so many aspects when bringing up a child, which is especially difficult for new parents. However, the help is always here! We selected 10 amazing products that will make parenting easier at any stage, check them out!

Baby Crib Backpack

Travelling with a baby and taking them out is always a particularly complicated process, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Yes, strollers are great, but is it that comfortable for your kid to sleep there? This crib backpack, however, is a perfect solution for this problem! First of all, it’s very roomy and fits all your babycare essentials. Moreover, it can be easily attached to the stroller handle for effortless transportation. And what’s more important, you can transform it into a crib for your baby to sleep in!

Waterproof Foldable Changing Mat for Newborns

Speaking about outings with your baby… changing diapers in the most inconvenient places is another challenge you will have to face. Lucky for you, we have a great lifehack to solve it! THis changing mat is easily portable and fits most bags and backpacks, meaning you can take it anywhere with you. It also has several compartments for diapering essentials, as well as provides a great surface for changing. An absolute must-have for all parents!

Intelligent Neck Massager

Carrying your baby will definitely make your neck hurt at the end of the day. In order to keep your neck strong and healthy, you should get this intelligent neck massager! With heating technology, it tends to your sore and tired muscles. Just 15 minutes a day will make all the difference for you!

White Noise Machine

Moms who demand absolute silence when their baby sleeps will regret it later on when every little noise wakes them up as toddlers. Get your baby conditioned early on to noise with a soft white noise maker or sound machine.

Fruit Feeder Pacifier

We all know that fruit is rich in vitamins and essential for the health of children, but how to give fruit to your baby? The answer is right here! Just put pieces of fruit and berries into this pacifier and give it to your kiddo. This way, they will enjoy the taste of fruit and receive all healthy elements in a safe and easy way. 

Bathtub Whale Toy

Your baby is anxious or upset during the bathing? There’s a perfect solution to this problem! With this whale toy, your kiddo will have the ultimate fun while in the bath. 

360-Degree Rotating Baby Bowl

Tired of getting rid of your child’s spilled food every time? You don’t have to worry about food spillage once you get this! This bowl is designed to be spill-proof with a rotational center force. The bowl will adjust itself to an upright position when the baby twists, tilts or turns. This is absolutely perfect for kids and babies to have fun and learn while they eat, meaning no more cleaning is needed! 

Cuddly Sleeping Bag

As soon as your swaddling nights are over, you’re going to need something else to keep your tot warm through the night. Blankets are functional, but they’re easy to kick off, and a cold baby will waste no time in waking you up. Since the goal is to ensure everyone gets as much (safe) sleep as possible, a sleeping bag is a great early purchase. It keeps your little one warm — different togs are available to accommodate seasonal temperatures — and there’s no risk of their head getting covered, no matter how much they wriggle.

Baby Carrier Waist Seat

Your newborn’s favorite spot is in your arms. A carrier gives you the freedom to get things done while giving your baby what they want, to be held.

Baby Night Light

Soft light can be comforting for newborn babies and help you find your way around the nursery in the middle of the night.

This is our selection of must-haves for easy parenting and happy childhood, but you can find even more useful items in our store.

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